When to Have Your Brakes Repaired: 3 Easily Discovered Symptoms of Worn Brakes

I thought today it would be good to talk about brakes and when it may be time for their repair.

1) One of the most common symptoms of brakes that need repair when you hear hear a high pitched squeal when the brakes are applied. Most vehicles’ brake pads contain a thin hard metal tab within the brake pad that acts like a fingernail on a chalkboard when pads are worn down to the minimum thickness. This sound acts as a warning that it’s time for the brake pads to be replaced – rather like the “Empty” gas tank warning. Ignore this and the brake job rapidly gets more expensive.

2) Listen and feel your brakes as you apply them. When applying the brake pedal, you shouldn’t notice any grinding, squealing thumping or dragging. Any of these four symptoms could mean your brakes are not functioning at 100 percent, and could lead to further damage down the road.

3) On a vehicle with anti lock brakes (ABS), you should notice a slight pulse of the brake pedal in the case of heavy rain, snow, ice or a panic stop. This is how that system works. If the brakes pulsate at any speed and these conditions are not present, it may be time for the brakes to get checked. Normal braking should be a smooth operation.

Safe driving!

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